2010-6-29 · Ok here we go….i have an hdmi pc monitor, and a ps3. i tried just going hdmi to hdmi…didnt work. dvi to hdmi works. i used an optical digital audio cable from the ps3 to my cd recorder on my stereo, and have it set to optical and a disc inserted into the deck with it on paused recording (it works for the audio and sounds great).

connecting ps3 to pc monitor? | Yahoo Answers 2010-4-13 · secondly if you have a fiber optic connection on ether your pc speakers, or again, on a soundcard, then you can connect your ps3 to one of these two (FO cables dont cost more than £1.50 from most places or sites) How to Use a Laptop Monitor for a PS3 | Our Pastimes The PS3 will automatically detect your connection type, as well as the resolutions your laptop monitor and PS3 are capable of displaying. Tips To take advantage of PS3’s HD capabilities, connect to a laptop monitor using HDMI, DVI, VGA or component cables. How to connect PS3 to Windows 10 via HDMI - Microsoft Hi Sami,. PS3 can be connected to a monitor as long as it has a port for an HDMI cable. Regarding with the step-by-step on how you can connect it, we suggest that you reach out to the manufacturer or contact support of the PS3. They may provide you further options on how it can be done. Connect PS3 With HDMI Cable - PlayStation

How to Use a Laptop Monitor for a PS3 | Our Pastimes

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2020-7-16 · How to connect a PS3 controller to a PC By Gabe Gurwin May 8, 2020 The PS4 has stolen the spotlight from the PS3, and it’s not long before PS5 will get all the attention.

Connecting PS3 to PC Monitor and Speakers? | Yahoo Answers 2009-6-30 · I want to connect my PS3 to my PC monitor and my 5.1 speakers. I connected the PS3 to the monitor with an HDMI cable but don't know how to connect the 5.1 speakers. Any advice? Update: Edit: My speakers does not have an optical input. Answer Save. 4 Answers. Relevance. opurt. Lv … How to Play My PS3 on My PC Through a HDMI Cable | Our The HDMI cable allows the PS3 console to transfer high-definition information to any external device with HDMI ports, such as a computer monitor or television screen. With a compatible video port or an adapter, you can use your PC as a playback device for your PlayStation 3. how do i connect my ps3 to my computer monitor