The Super Bowl halftime show has spawned another set of alternative entertainment such as the Lingerie Bowl, the Beer Bottle Bowl, and others. Since 1991, the Super Bowl has begun between 6:19 and 6:40 PM EST so that most of the game is played during the primetime hours on the East Coast. Super Bowl on TV

Feb 02, 2011 Median Age of Super Bowl TV viewer increases by almost 1.5 Feb 05, 2020 Super Bowl Trademark & Copyright Laws: 2018 Edition Jan 29, 2018 COCA-Cola has found itself in the midst of a controversy COCA-Cola has found itself in the midst of a controversy following its NFL Super Bowl advertisement featuring homosexuals and multinational lifestyles to the tune of "America the Beautiful".

NFL Super Bowl LIV (54) - Sunday, Feb 2, 2020 -

Television elevated the Super Bowl from sporting event to de facto national holiday: Super Bowl XLVII, on Feb. 2, 2014, topped 112 million viewers in the U.S. alone. Key moments of the NFL on TV, 1950–1978

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