In this case pfSense can act like any physical installation as router for NATing etc. The cool thing is… if you have multiple host and using vSphere you can move the running pfsense from one host the the other without any interruption of the WAN link to the network This all with just a single NIC.

pfSense® - World's Most Trusted Open Source Firewall Securely Connect to the Cloud Virtual Appliances. Netgate’s ® virtual appliances with pfSense ® software extend your applications and connectivity to authorized users everywhere, through Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud services. Network your employees, partners, customers, and other parties to share resources in site-to-cloud, cloud-to-cloud, and virtual private cloud (VPC) connectivity. Top Picks for pfSense Network Cards (NICs) pfSense 40GbE NIC Top Picks. 40GbE is the fastest networking option we are going to post recommendations for. These are typically going to be used for LAN NICs unless there is a significant amount of WAN bandwidth. One cannot get a full 80Gbps from a single dual port 40GbE PCie 3.0 card because the cards are PCIe 3.0 x8 bus limited. pfSense Configure pfSense bridge over multiple NICs as LAN May 22, 2017

Aug 04, 2016

Nov 16, 2019 Install pfsense in a PC with only one NIC | Netgate Forum

Jul 11, 2018 · Create a new virtual machine, and, for pfSense, select OS family: Other and set the OS to “FreeBSD (64-bit).” Tab through the wizard until you land on the VM’s configuration page. Here we

I just ordered dedicated server i7 4790 with 16GB ram and 1xHDD 7200rpp, with one Nic (2 available, 1 is unplugged), 5 Ips. Is it possible to run 3x VMs (Windows server) and 1x VMs for pfsense on Pfsense Home Router VM in ESXi | [H]ard|Forum Dec 09, 2017 New 1U pfSense build - Can't decide on hardware Aug 21, 2018 4 Port (Quad) Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express 2.1