To help you getting the Location Services settings back for Fitbit app, I'd recommend to try the following: Open the Fitbit app and tap on the exercise tile. Tap on the stopwatch at the upper right corner. When you're prompted, tap on "Enable Location Services". Then go to your iPhone's settings and you'll have the Location Services settings again.

Jan 21, 2016 · Location services are among some of the most over-used features on any iOS device. Out of the box, iOS devices with location services enabled are configured to track your location in various reasons, including producing the best user experience possible. Jun 04, 2018 · With location services enabled on your iPhone, your location information will be accessed by some Apps or websites. Thus to protect your privacy, you may want to turn off the location services on your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X to keep your location unavailable or only allow some Apps to access your location information. To turn location services on or off, first leave the Instagram app and go to your iPhone's Settings.

Oct 25, 2017 · Your iPhone’s System Services includes things like your Compass, Emergency SOS, Find My iPhone, Time Zone, Share My Location, and even your Motion Calibration and Distance. Plus a whole bunch more location settings used across the iOS landscape.

Jan 31, 2018 · Find out how to turn off these super-invasive iPhone location services settings. 73% of African Americans said they did not have emergency funds to cover three months of expenses.

Oct 02, 2018 · In short, when you enable Location Services, a black or white-hollow arrow icon may appear indicating that your device is using Location Services (e.g., maps, Camera, weather apps, etc). When you enable your Location Services, you are letting your iOS device determine your location. Dec 05, 2019 · Update December 5th, 3:30PM ET: Clarified that disabling global location services for any and all apps through the iPhone settings disables the ultra wideband chip from attempting to gather Get his iPhone, go into settings / General / Restrictions. Click on enable restriction. Make up a 4 digit code you know but he does not. now scroll down to privacy and click on location services. Make sure location services is on and share my location is on. now choose Don't allow changes. back out of restrictions