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Copfilter is a easy to install addon for the opensource firewall IPCop. It filters POP3, SMTP, HTTP, and FTP traffic for viruses and spam using various open source programs. Endian Firewall Community. Endian Firewall Community (EFW) is a "turn-key" linux security distribution that makes your system a full featured security appliance with The Perfect Linux Firewall Part I -- IPCop At the end of the IPCop installation you will be asked to reboot. After reboot go to another machine on your LAN and force your network interface card to update your dynamic (DHCP) address with ifconfig (Linux/Unix) or ipconfig (Windows). Verify you are live and active on the new network you have setup with an address on 192.168.1.x. How to Configure IPCop as a Firewall (with Pictures) - wikiHow Aug 08, 2018 IPCop - Home

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Apr 16, 2004 ipcop features and dedicated hardware firewallhardware IpCop is a firewall software based on a Linux distribution that aims to provide a simple and configurable hardware firewall using a standard PC. Initially, it was a fork of SmoothWall IPCop. Later development has followed different paths and now the two distributions differ greatly. ipcop-step-by-step - fossvi

Summary: The objective of this project is to use IpCop (Free Linux Distribution) in a Virtual Machine to protect a Windows host system on any network. IpCop is a very powerful Linux based Firewall with advanced functions like: VPN, NAT, Intrusion Detection (Snort), Web Based administration, and Routing.

IPCop 2.0.6: The New Watchdog! - LINUX For You This article describes the various functionalities of a network-based firewall, besides taking readers through the installation and configuration of IPCop 2.0.6, especially from the perspective of a small and medium business. It also illustrates how a securely configured firewall ensures data security and mitigates various risks such as virus spread. OVH - ESXi - IPCOP : Tuto Installation PAS à PAS d'IPCOP Dans cette article nous allons installer le firewall – passerelle internet IPCOP. Il y a de nombreuses distributions linux Gateway Internet, pour en avoir utilisé quelques une je suis toujours revenue a IPCOP, pour sa robustesse, simplicité d’installation (pfsense, smothwall, untangle,…) et mes besoins (Firewall, gateway, VPN, NAT) sont trop basique pour m’embêter avec une usine a gaz.